Photomontage Process

A photomontage combines photography and computer-generated imagery, matching the lighting and perspective within the photograph to seamlessly showcase the design within its context and surroundings.

Our photomontages provide a realistic representation of how a development fits within its environment. This service is usually essential for creating a final presentation  to be used for planning or marketing purposes.

Typical turnaround: 8 working days

What we need from you:

Project brief

Proposed CAD drawings or 3D model

Material, furniture schedule

Reference photos

Vegetation plan (If required)

Production process

Site photography

Viewpoints are agreed and photography is captured by Cloud 9 or can also be provided, although the quality of the photography has a great impact on the final image.

Camera Creation

The photography viewpoints are created and matched in the 3D software.

Lighting stage

The lighting conditions in the photography are replicated and any surrounding buildings/trees are placed in the model to replicate the correct shadows, additional photography is added to the model to replicate the environment in any reflections within the proposed design.

Detailed 3D modelling

CAD drawings are used to create a detailed 3D model of your proposal.

Proposed finishes are recreated and applied.

Landscape elements are also added

Rendering process

Draft Render

Our render farm calculates the 3D model, lighting, texture information, and save raw rendered CGIs, ready for the finishing touches to be added.

Post production

The render is added to the photography with any foreground elements being masked. The image is enhanced, adjusting the levels, hue, contrast to give the image that photo realistic feel. People can also be added to enhance the sense of scale.

Approval process & delivery

Once we are happy with the visual, these will be sent for approval via email, any minor amendments can then be made before finalising the CGIs, the final images will be released upon approval.

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